Friday, July 25, 2008

Plate spinning with GTD

Keeping all your projects going at once is a lot like plate spinning. To maintain any sort of momentum, there’s got to be some energy inputs by you or someone else. If you stop paying attention, the project wobbles and eventually grinds to a halt. In this episode, you’re sure to find something that will help you keep your own plates spinning smoothly with nary a wobble in sight. Download the podcast here.

The GTD Virtual Study Group meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month. Our next meeting will be on August 28 when we celebrate one year of the Virtual Study Group. We will use Dean Acheson's process of visioning and the natural planning model to envision what the group will do over the next year. REMEMBER, there will be no meeting on August 14.

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Traveler7 said...

Could you turn up the volume?
I've listened to three of your podcasts so far. The content is very interesting, but I have to really strain to hear some of the speakers. My iPod is turned up to the max and soundcheck is off. Please turn up the volume.

Hilary Baumann said...

Try a free/open source program called levelator also to even out the sound between talkers if you have the time.

Tara Rodden Robinson said...

Hi all,
thanks for your comments. I'll try Hilary's suggestion for the volume control. If that doesn't work, I'll add "Complete edit GTD VSG podcast" to my @projects list. :) The editing may delay uploads, however.
Best wishes,

The Wave said...

Thanks for the tip.
[sorry for the delayed reply]