Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mindmapping revisited

By request, we revisit mindmapping this week. In this episode, hear host & facilitator Tara Rodden Robinson give a guided tour to how she uses mindmaps to organize projects, brainstorm, stay on track, and much more.
Download the podcast here


Andy Levy-Stevenson said...

Think I may have left a similar comment on a different post ... trying to type too late at night on an iPod, sorry!

I'm enjoying the mindmapping podcast, but would LOVE to see the visuals you refer to. Are they available online anywhere?


Julio said...

It would help if you showed images and websites you discussed. Thanks.

Louise said...

I found this podcast about a month ago and have since listened to all of the episodes I could download. Great stuff. I especially loved this mind mapping podcast, but found I was floundering without being able to see the same things you were seeing! Did you record the visuals that accompany it? Or Tara would you be willing to post whatever you had prepared for the presentation so we can have a look at the great examples you were talking about?

Farm Hill Gardens said...

Great post! I would also be interested in seeing the examples, it would make the post more meaningfull. Do you have them and is there a way to post them?
Thanks again!

Tara Rodden Robinson said...

Hi folks,

The visuals are available for download--just add your email to the box on the right and you'll get the URL.