Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting your reference material under control with Evernote

Snowed under with links, ideas, blogs, and lists? To give us a hand, Ellen Valentine generously offered to share she uses Evernote to get things done and stay organized. In this episode, you'll learn how she keeps all sorts of diverse materials at hand and under control. Download the podcast here.


jc said...

finally had time to listen and just wanted to add some comments as a 3+ year user of Evernote

1) use as a journal in the free version. You do not have to share your notebook in the cloud. You loose the ability to share the file with all your devices but since I tend to use my laptop for 90% of my work it's good for me.

2) My main job is a project coach and can have as many as 50+ people I coach at one time. I use EN to take all my notes when I meet with people or if I have a random thought on their project between meetings. By setting up a tag using each person's name and department (2 tags) I can review all of a department's projects or all of a person's meeting notes in the EN tape. This helps me also in that 5-10 minutes before I meet with someone I can look at all my past notes on their tag and re-familiarize myself with their project. Sometimes it gives the very false impression that I remember everything about their project. ;-)

Tara Rodden Robinson said...

Hi JC,

thanks for your comments. Appreciate your feedback and love your suggestions.


abreups said...

Sorry, but still have not figured out how to get a copy of the powerpoint... Help, please.