Thursday, April 8, 2010

When your roles and goals disagree

When you're saddled with a role that you're not enthusiastic about or having gotten assigned a big project that doesn't turn you on, how do you get through it to what you really want to do? In this episode, the Virtual Study Group takes a question from a listener and explores roles, horizons of focus, and letting go of the "shoulds" that get in the way of doing our great work. Download the episode here.


Tigchel said...


What is the title of the book you discussed in this podcast? I was listening to it in my car, but could not write down the title and author.



Lynn Hayes said...

Hi, I'm a big fan of the Virtual Study Group. Thanks to Augusto I now use Instapaper on my Iphone but I wanted to share another cool tool: Readability, which helps make it even easier to read web articles using instapaper by stripping the article of ads and other extraneous information. It's a free download here: Thanks for all you do with the VSG!