Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to Basics: Getting Started and Setting Up

Remember Chapter 4 in Getting Things Done? That's where David Allen describes the initial set up process and the tools you need to gather. Whether you're a GTD old timer or a newbie, you'll enjoy this call. We talk about what our first set ups were like, how long it took us to really become fluent in GTD, and much more.
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Drizzt said...

i got lost in the past when i was noob at GTD. the thing that got me back to using it practicing it was to dumb it down and use paper based gtd instead.

I urge lost GTDrs to try doing that as well

Feeling unproductive with GTD? Take a break from electronic GTD

Unknown said...

This is something of a follow-up question to one I posted on the subsequent episode. I'm re-listening to this one and noticed Tara's phrase "too many moving parts." Yes! I can't handle so many at once--I've got to focus on one or two. Which ones?? Where should I start?
Sarah (who seems to need to figure out how to have Google call her something other than "Unknown")

Tara Rodden Robinson said...

Hi Sarah!

I replied to your post on the other episode and talked about which moving parts I think are the most important: establishing the trusted system and weekly review. Those form the bookends of learning a solid practice of GTD. And again, you're welcome to join the live call! Our events calendar is here:

Best wishes,