Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back to Basics: Weekly Review Revisited

The Weekly Review. It's one of the big sticking points for lots of folks--and it's been a long time since we dedicated an episode to this important topic (like May 2010). Join us for lots of valuable advice from two of our Weekly Review champions: Barb and Ray.
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Unknown said...

N00b here..just discovered the group via Dan Gold (and can't remember how i just discovered him). I'm catching up on the podcasts. They are so helpful! I'm not sure even where to begin in order to say how helpful.
I have a question about getting started with GTD, and you guys seem to be doing a fabulous job of personalizing the system. I read the GTD book several years ago and love the ideas but have never really gotten on board. I can't bear to do the 2-day, 1 giant pile when I know I can't stick with it unless I modify some habits first. So my question is...where do you start in GTD to develop those habits? I.e., which parts of GTD would you implement first?
Barb, I have a feeling you have some good ideas about this because you seem to have found good ways to develop habits. Presents to yourself in your tickler is just fabulous!!

Tara Rodden Robinson said...

Hi N00b!

I suggest you get your trusted system under control. I agree that the "giant collection" can be overwhelming--that's why I tell beginners to skip it. Instead, work to establish a solid trusted system and go through one weekly review. Just get the next seven days under control. As you proceed through your week, you'll use the five phases: collect, process, organize, review, do. Then do another weekly review. Keep it simple, take it slow. Getting your system to the point that it's actually trustworthy is the first milestone. And remember, you can join our live calls and bring your questions directly to us! Follow our events calendar here:

Best wishes,